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Frames Tints and Other Features
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  Frames Tints and Other Features

Computer glasses are available in any type or shape of frame

The reason is that the frame isn’t significant at all and only the type of lens influences computer vision and computer eye strain. Today you can also buy computer prescriptions are also available in clip-ons that attach to regular eyeglasses, so that you can keep your glasses and only add to them.

Many benefit from asking that their computer glasses get tinted very slightly in a darker shade. This is especially advantageous for office workers, where the spaces are usually brightly lit and so much light is reflected off the screen.

Coatings and prevention

Getting AR - anti-reflective coating or UV - ultraviolet protection on your computer lenses can significantly reduce the amount of glare and reflected light that reach your eyes. This is especially effective if you are working under fluorescent lights, which emit a great deal of blue light. Blue florescent light is characterized by a scattered pattern of diffusion in the air and ultraviolet coating can cut down on the amount of blue light that reaches your eyes, as can an amber tint. Another feature is an AR coating that prevents glare and reflections on the front and the back of the lenses that would interfere with focusing on the screen.

AR- Anti- reflection coating- is highly recommended on all computer eyeglasses. This doesn't address the underlying cause of computer eyestrain, but it will cut the amount of light that reaches your eyes and provide relief in some cases.
Computer Vision Syndrom

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