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  With or without prescription?

Colored contacts have now become a well-known item of eye-wear, both for recreational uses and for professional uses, such as in various fields of sports. On the tennis field, specially designed light-filtering and vision enhancing contacts are now a common feature of professional sports. If you are looking for contacts meant to enhance your sport skills and abilities, the best course would be to seek out a specially trained sports vision doctor or eye practitioner. They will examine your eyesight and the skills required of the sport you engage in and give you a whole range of possibilities, from goggles, glasses and contact lenses. If you are interested in colored contacts merely for personal and recreational use, then the laws regarding these lenses vary from state to state in the U.S. The FDA classifies colored lenses as cosmetic rather than medical devices and by and large they shouldn’t be worn for long, or too regularly. By law, they should be bought from a professional eye practitioner and given only with a prescription. The FDA also issued a warning that buying colored contacts without a proper fitting from an optometrist could lead to significant risks of blindness and other eye injury.

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