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Colored or cosmetic contacts List

Find colored contact lenses in the color of your choice or theatrical contacts.

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Amber Contact Lenses Amethyst Contact Lenses Aqua Contact Lenses Aquaseas Contact Lenses
Baby_blue Contact Lenses Blue Contact Lenses Brown Contact Lenses Carrbiean_aqua Contact Lenses
Chesnut_brown Contact Lenses Evergreen Contact Lenses Green Contact Lenses Grey Contact Lenses
Hazel Contact Lenses Honey Contact Lenses Jade_green Contact Lenses Pacific Blue Contact Lenses
Pure Hazel Contact Lenses Royal Blue Contact Lenses Sea Green Contact Lenses True Sphire Contact Lenses
Turquise Contact Lenses Violet Contact Lenses

While colored contact lenses were originally intended to correct vision, they have now become a fashion item which many people use to alter their appearance. In addition to fashion, these lenses are also capable of helping those who suffer from vision problems such as presbyopia. These color contacts function by blocking all the colors of light except those which are needed. Colored contacts lenses are divided into four categories, and these are enhancement tint, opaque lenses, light filtering tints, and visibility tints.

Enhancement tints are crystalline, and are designed to enhance your normal eye color. These contact lenses are not good for those who naturally have dark eyes. Enhancement tints are designed to enhance the look of those with lighter eyes. Opaque contact lenses are the most common. They can greatly alter the color of your eyes, and are equally effective on eyes which are dark or light. These lenses feature a color ring which surrounds the iris while allowing light to move through the center.

Light filtering tints are the most advanced color contact lenses currently available. They are designed for athletes who compete in such sports as tennis or baseball. These contact lenses are designed to enhance specific colors while diminishing the light of other colors. Because of this, it is easier for a tennis or baseball player to focus on the ball instead of the surrounding environment, and this will increase their playing ability. Light filtering tints are expected to surpass shades or glasses, because they do not fog up, fall out, or break easily.

Visibility tints do not change the color of the eyes. They are tinted so they they are easy to insert and take out. Because they are tinted, they are easier to find in the event you lose them. These are the four types of contact lenses which are commonly worn. Depending on your tastes and the type of eyes you have, some of these contacts may be better than others. If you don't have any vision problems, but simply want to be fashionable, opaque contacts are the best option. If you have light eyes, enhancement tints will greatly enhance the look of your eyes.

Those who are athletes will want to look at the light filtering tints. These contact lenses will allow them to perform better at their sport, diminishing colors which are not important while enhancing those which are. When you purchase contacts, it is important to make sure that they are the type which will enhance your eyes the most.


Colored contact lenses

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