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Different Types of Blepharitis
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Causes of Blepharitis
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Treatments for Blepharitis
Blepharitis and Contact Lenses
Eye Makeup and Blepharitis

  Treatments for Blepharitis

Treatments for Blepharitis

Keeping the eyelids clean is an important part of the treatment. The white flakes, which cause difficulty in the opening of the eyelids, can be loosened with warm compresses. It is also used to warm up the tear glands. The frequency of applying warm compresses depends on the degree of blepharitis. The cloth used for warm compress should be cleaned well. Also make sure that the hands are clean. As blepharitis has the chances of recurring, eyelid hygiene is a must. The cloth used on one eyelid should not be used on the other eyelid.

Since scalp dandruff can cause blepharitis, effectively treating dandruff is important. People suffering with posterior blepharitis, should massage the eyelids to clean the excessive oil accumulation. Warm water and salt water should be used to clean the eyelids. Several over-the-counter products are also available for cleaning eyelids. A solution of baby shampoo diluted with water can also be used to clean eyelids.

Steroid eye drops and antibiotics are used to cure the bacterial infection which causes blepharitis. Medicines should only be taken after consulting with an ophthalmologist as some of them have serious side effects.

Artificial tears and lubricating ointments are used to treat dry eyes arising out of blepharitis. Flax oil supplements are used to cure blepharitis arising out of meibomian gland dysfunction. Since this is a relatively new form of treatment, it is wise to take the advice of an eye care professional before using it.

How to use warm compresses during blepharitis

Warm compresses are mainly used to loosen white flakes or crusts on the eyes. It also cleans the debris blocking the meibomian glands.

•  The hands should be washed properly. Make sure that the hand wash or soap used does not contain substances to which you are allergic.

•  Dampen a clean washcloth with warm water.

•  Close the eyelids and place it on the eyelids.

•  The frequency of applying warm compress will be suggested by the eye care professional.

How to clean the eyelids during blepharitis

Keeping the eyelids clean can ward off most of the eye infections and is an important part of blepharitis treatment.

•  Wash the hands thoroughly.

•  Mix the solution recommended by the doctor. It might be just warm water, salt water, diluted baby shampoo or any one of the numerous eyelid cleansing product.

•  Dip a clean wash cloth or cotton swab in the solution.

•  Close the eyes and wipe it across the eyelashes.

•  Use another clean wash cloth to rub the eye margin.

•  Rinse with cool, clear water.

•  Repeat the process in the other eye by using a clean wash cloth each time.

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