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Causes of Amblyopia
Symptoms of Amblyopia
Treatment of Amblyopia

  Causes of Amblyopia

There are many causes for amblyopia and it is mostly caused by strabismus, which is the abnormal alignment of one or both eyes. To avoid double vision the crossed eye is not used and this affects the brain’s coordination with the eye. Gradually, the brain ignores the particular eye. This type of amblyopia is known as strabismic amblyopia.

Diffractive errors like astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness are the other major causes. The eye affected with any of the diffractive error stops working. Amblyopia caused by this type of conditions is hard to detect as one eye will function normally. Sometimes, this type of conditions can affect both the eyes. Occasionally, droopy eyelids, scar on the cornea and cataract leads to amblyopia. Trauma to the eye or optic nerve at any age can result in amblyopic condition.

Most often people confuse strabismus with amblyopia. Both are entirely different form of eye conditions. It must be noted that only constant strabismus can cause amblyopia. Strabismus can be easily detected but amblyopia cannot be detected easily.
Diseases of the Eye

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