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Eye Diseases
Age Macular Degeneration
Types of AMD

  Wet AMD

Wet age-related mascular degeneration

This type of age-related mascular degeneration is caused by the abnormal growth of blood vessels behind the retina. This happens when the membrane underlying the retina breaks and disrupts the oxygen supply to the macula. The new blood vessels, which are very delicate, grow under the macula and often rupture easily leaking fluids and blood. This leaking alters the position of macula and causes scarring. Wet age-related mascular degeneration occurs suddenly resulting in the loss of central vision.

Distorted vision and straight line appearing wavy are the initial symptoms of wet age-related mascular degeneration . This is the most severe form of AMD and immediate professional advice should be taken.

Of all age-related mascular degeneration cases, only 10% is due to wet AMD but it causes the maximum damage and can lead to blindness. If detected early, laser treatment can be effective in stopping the leak of the blood vessels causing wet AMD.
Diseases of the Eye

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